The Girl with No Face (rainbowsftw) wrote,
The Girl with No Face

Dream Log # 3

I dreamt that I was at the local public library. Although in real life the local library is cozier, the one I dreamt up was more mod-looking. It was cleaner and rather than fall colours, this library had sharper colours. Anyways, in the dream my family and I went to the library to rent out a movie for movie night --- which is odd considering we never have movie night together --- and there just happen to be a arts and craft sale.
I picked up a craft that was essential a small gem box but when you open it, small chibi Batman figures were organized inside. They were lined up in the order of Batgirl,  Batman, Red Robin, Nightwing and Robin. I was excited to have made this purchase, especially since it was Cassandra Cain's Batgirl and it carried the Nightwing character. My excitment  soon turned to disappointment when I couldn't pull the figures out of the box and I was really disturb by it. It really bugged me as well once I realized it was Red Robin (My least favourite Robin from the New-Earth series) in the centre of the box rather than Batman or Nightwing. I woke up aburptly when one of my paintings fell from the nail and landing loudly on my bedroom floor. I woke up feeling irked/annoyed probably due to the fact my painting was now wrecked and the fact that I didn't actually buy any cute Batman figures.

Anybody have dreams like mine?
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