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rainbowsftw's Journal

The Girl with No Face
17 October
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I am a girl who goes to therapy to deal with her OCD and insomia problems. Even so, I am high (strictly) on life (and the occasional prescribed sedative) and loving it. I love heading out to a dance, and meeting new people is nice but I'm a rather cynical and only have a few selective friends.

All my co-workers (including my boss) think I have the most politest form of speech however my good friends know better. Sarcasm and dirty jokes come naturally to me but watching Family Guy (and generally romantic comedies)give me a headaches.

I am anti-cell phone and believe that although technology is making our lives easier, it is also making the iGeneration (anyone born between 1990 to present day) a bunch of lazy idiots and faceless idiots.

It is my goal this year to go to Anime North and Fan Expo and dress up as Ponyo from Hayao Miyazaki's movie and Robin from everyone's favourite dynamic duo and it WILL be glorious!